Age of gods

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I have some questions about the game - 1 was it that I see people with certain characters at different star levels ? I've seen pan 5* and blue but also 6* and purple. Most blue souls I've seen summoned are 3* green how do you get them to 4* blue. Also I'd like to know if there are going to be any events for this game ? And if anyone knows how much you need to pay for each VIP that would be a nice "to know" as well. Id like to see how many people agree that the ring of ra should be set so that if you combine then the pieces shouldn't be able to be taken after... Or pieces should be in "reserve" because I know I've had many multiples but then lost that piece and of course the multiples don't take the place but I think they should. If anyone has any answers or agrees let me know. I know this isn't a big game yet so if you haven't tried it, you should check it out :)


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    Darien in game, I agree with the multiple pieces to a book. If one piece is taken but you have some in reserve, then you should continue your crafting.

    9/10 game though, tons of fun.
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    RobertoRay in game. The blue and purple different star heros are just the game tell you what "level" or how good a hero is. If it is a green one that you summon, it will appear as 2 star green. If it is a blue hero you summon, then it will appear as a 3 star green hero to start, and to get it to the "proper level" that it is meant to be you need to have 20 souls of the same hero which you then click on the hero in the main hall and upgrade it to level 4 blue. Same with purple heros. They will all start blue (i think) and 1 level below what their intended level is, so helios will appear as a level 5 blue but is meant to be upgraded to a level 6 purple with 90 more helios souls. I dont know about events, i hope so, and i totally agree about ring of ra. I also do not know how everyone gets so many (or any) purple heroes so if anyone could let me know how you get them without buying gold that would be great
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    For example, I saw that a level 13 person had a purple 6 star pandora, and yet wasnt even VIP 1 or anything! They couldnt have bought any gold because that would give them vip but still had purple 6 star pandora at level 13! How did they get that?
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