please help me! i don't know what to choose!!

mrs. zalamrs. zala New MemberRegistered Users 13 Posts
please everyone help me!!
i'm a-lister, level 14 almost to 15. i have several projects that i need to be done.
but, there's two main request : it is about max bling and simon thurgood.
i heard that simon will give me a challenge that i will lose all my fans and title and i have to start from scratch.
but, i have offer to change agent to max bling. then, what should i do?
which one i have to do first? is there any guarantee that my offer to change agent still available after i took simon's?
please.... tell me some suggestion. i don't know what should i do first.
send me message or reply this thread.


  • CryingToYourHeartCryingToYourHeart New Member Registered Users 26 Posts
    I have this one once, and when you loose your statut you have to become an A lister and after Max want you for his agency. If you want to get more money now choose Max or if you want to restart at E lister you can :)
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