HAHAH lost all my HOD data

mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
playing HOD on my samsung note last night

played for a while that forgot how hot the screen got. During mid upgrading the phone turn off cause it was overheating

So waited a few hours and turn it back on. I saw a intro of a knight running in a grass field... played this game long enough to remember there wasnt any intro to this game.

Well after that i knew something to was wrong. So i guess all my game data was either screwed up or deleted. Bit of my fault for not taking that game break and letting my phone cool down.

So just like to be helpful to other people and warn them if your phone gets hot, stop it, quit it and rest it

other wise you end up like me losing all that hard work. It is sad but it is also my fault for pushing it too much.

I just delete the game and play another game now. If HOD has a online multiplayer feature i might come back. Its a waste to have 4 characters been controlled by one player
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