Age Of Gods -- Fastest way to lvl your gods

TarzianTarzian New MemberRegistered Users 5 Posts
I was just wanting to set up a post to find what everyone feels IS, or MAY BE, the best way to lvl your gods. I found personally that what works best for me for a single god at a time is to throw a white character in my mix and or training as well as the god i am working on. once i hit any one point and feel dismissing the white will give enough. i will do so and rinse and repeat. doing this with more than one white only increases what i can dismis and distribute.

So i was wondering if maybe i am on the spot with this tech. or if i am off completely haha.

-fastest way for one god to reach max lvl
-fastest way to lvl a variety of gods



  • Kylehall90Kylehall90 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    That would make it faster to lvl ONE guy ... But you're also wasting 50% of that exp that you're gaining on the white soul.
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