Summary Tips for New Players of CKZ 2

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There has been a lot of information on how tos in the game - scattered in the forum. Here are some of the important tips that I can offer to make it easier to play the game and avoid any errors.

1. Clear cache and close other apps properly before playing the game. There is still that glitch where the game does not move past the mission home screen. Just press the back button (for android users). The game is faster with wifi off. If the game does not seem to work, completely turn off the device and try to open another glu game then try opening the game again (with and without wifi).
2. Even if you die, you still keep items from crates. This is one good way of collecting free items.
3. Priority weapons include the following: ZRU-12 or ZRU-12 Advanced, Rontron Sniper Rifle, MP-643 or Block pistol. For Android users, take advantage of free glu gold from tapjoy downloads and those shared from other glu games such as Gun Bros 1.
4. Use the Arena to build up on experience and cash. The only worthwhile cash-based weapons are the sniper rifle and the machine gun.
5. In some missions, focus on staying alive and do not go sightseeing. If you can save up on ammo, do so. Example, if there is only one zombie, use the lowest priority weapon you have to kill it - either the melee or pistol.
6. Reserve the grenade launcher (if you get it) for special zombies - especially the Smasher and Thrower. Using the Damage Booster has the same effect as having a grenade launcher.
7. Use the items when trying to complete story missions - especially the beacon grenades and defibulators.

Nowadays, I have access to the internet during weekends hence expect me to active during these times.

Cheers and we hope there would be new updates to the game soon.
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