Just bought Grazzak. Skill points bug sort-of fixed

rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
I just bought Grazzak and found that he joined the party at the same level AND the same skill points of my highest level party member. In this case it was level 40 and 78 skill points which I was able to assign as I wanted.


  • PAOLEMIUSPAOLEMIUS Registered Users 24 Posts
    Good for you... Unluck for us...

    I got both O'da and Grazzak before this fix :(

    Glu, can't you fix my O'da skill points? Please...
  • EziekialEziekial Registered Users 166 Posts
    Oh wow with skill points nice. Did you buy him with the 5k points or in the random chest?
  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    I've been somewhat disappointed in how he plays when compared to Z'dar.

    Shredder which blasts a yellow light in front of him across the board doesn't do anywhere near the damage that the Protoplast fireball does, The Fury skill which gives him rapid reload is OK and the short cooldown is great. The last special attack called Coma puts a group of enemies to sleep for a full 16 seconds IF NOTHING DISTURBS THEM. Poor choice of name. It should have been called catnap.

    The basic problem is that his crowd control only works if you want to ignore half the board for a while. Perhaps my problem is that I usually work with one tank, one healer and two ranged units. Keeping the ranged units from shooting up sleeping enemies is a bit of a problem. I prefer Z'dar's earthquake, greater damage and (my perception here) faster attack.

    I got the idea that if Coma would sleep a boss perhaps it would buy 15 seconds of spell recharge time. I tried it against the Ice Demon and of course Grazzak got frozen before he could fire anything off. Tried again and this time I managed to hit him with Coma but no luck.
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