weekend discounts

Crenshaw3823Crenshaw3823 Registered Users 9 Posts
Quick question.....if you play a hero mission while that hero has a weekend discount would you get a bigger discount since they give u a discount after playing the hero mission????


  • VenVen Registered Users 21 Posts
    I believe they do, as a matter of fact. Unless they changed something in the last patch.
  • ColossalColossal Registered Users 9 Posts
    Yes, I. Have done that wilh all my gemmed heroes, Felmar cost me 160 and Kassia cost me 80 if I remember correctly. I don't play the heroe missions until they are on a weekend discount
  • PhoenixPhoenix Registered Users 4 Posts
    Fel'nor cost 238 on 50% sale after the one-time mission discount (the 50% is only for the super premium) and 280 without mission discount.
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