I don't get it...

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I'd need some advice here please.
I got too much difficulties in this game, i must do it wrong.
Currently in area XI with strong feeling of not being able to progress...

Config :
playing with the first warrior, the rogue with 2 dagger + 2 healers (all level 30-32)
i usually give each of my combattant a healer + using the area healing skill when my healer get hit
the rogue being weaker i sometime need the warrior to come get the aggro or mob with high damage

Equipment :
tier 6 green, tier 5 blue, tier 3 purple/orange
all upgraded to level 6 or 7

My problem :
- what exactly do you call "kiting" ?
- how do you get tier 4+ purple/orange item ?
- how to get the rune to change a runic item from white to green ? (500 token really ???)

Thx guys


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