Grazzak Sale

WinterHordeWinterHorde Registered Users 96 Posts
I was surprised to see Grazzak on the weekly sale this weekend. Is the hero on sale the same for everyone? I didn't see anyone mentioning it yet...

To be honest I was a bit afraid to start playing with him, remembering all the bugs people mentioned here but so far I haven't encountered any problems (He's level 8). I was also wandering why people here dismissed him as useless. One of his skills can neutralize a part of the battle field for 16 secs which is a HUGE time frame to balance the odds and his 2nd skill (forgot the name) is just like Kassia's great "supersonic" skill only much better because it has a cooldown of freaking 20 secs!! That actually means that the active time of the skill counts as half of the cooldown! You have to admit that's pretty awesome :cool:


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