Thank you guys for getting it fixed!!

NysonNyson Registered Users 1 Posts
Just wanted to say thank you for making this Dungeon keeper run passable!! It is the first time in forever that I am honestly able say it was not impossible. Now the 1 rune or 1 hourglass I receive for the chest spin is a different issue...
Thanks Tapjoy for the hours of entertainment this game has supplied me. Keep up the fun guys.


  • damneddamned Registered Users 8 Posts
    Be sure to leave all wrists intact if next week kicks our butts...

    Dungeon Keeper's been on a regular 2 weekly cycle since it started, one extremely difficult, one much easier.

    I'd kinda expect they'll keep something hard to throw at us every 2 weeks... it gives those who've finished the rest of the game motivation to keep upgrading runic armour (cos there's no way we're getting through 'tough week' without some serious orange bling), which gives us a reason to keep replaying missions.
  • VenVen Registered Users 21 Posts
    Yeah we're on the standard "easy" cycle right now (on iOS, anyway) as the preceding Dungeon Keeper was impossible. This isn't a fix.
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