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JustlexJustlex Registered Users 2 Posts
Just a quick question, ive noticed that the mystery chest that you can get from the event store is only level 4 despite me being already at tier 6 items. The mystery chest from the regular store is tier 6. Does the event store mystery chest only up to tier 4? I am also at the area 12 if that helps. Thanks


  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    mine goes to level VI so I recommend you wait to spend your tokens.
  • WinterHordeWinterHorde Registered Users 96 Posts
    rewand wrote: »
    mine goes to level VI so I recommend you wait to spend your tokens.
    Mine too. that sounds strange because the game is built to advance the level of treasures along with your overall progress (with the exception of this item roulette in the daily rewards).
    Try closing the game and reopen it or just wait for the next event
  • rewandrewand Registered Users 588 Posts
    This is a new chest and it could be bugged. It could also have a different trigger like defeating the Ice Demon or something.
  • crazyaddictcrazyaddict Registered Users 65 Posts
    It should update next week. You probably just open up area XII during the week, and the events chest doesn't update until next week, i.e. it stays at the same level and same difficulty throughout the week. Next week, you'll get harder monsters and harder bosses than this week. I would suggest keeping your tokens until next week. You're going to need them. :)
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