Event: Enhance

OmasOmas Registered Users 6 Posts
Yesterday I did an Enhance event 4 times in a row, resulting in getting:
18 Rare (1000xp)
2 Very rare (5000xp) cards.

What's up with that droprate, rare cards are totally useless once you're past starting point in the game.


  • mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
    check again. did you get retired mobster? he is worth 10000 xp
  • OmasOmas Registered Users 6 Posts
    I got exactly what I listed. Every time I do it, I get either 5 Rares or 4 Rares+ 1 Very rare. Retired mobster (10k exp) drops once per 50 cards (10 runs) maybe. Leveling cards above lvl 50 is almost impossible.
  • mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
    ic.. i thought they were a regular drop... i get a retired mobster 1/3 runs

    i already got one character level 50, but evolved him and now he is level 36

    my other mains are around the 36 level.. but i guess get more energy to get more rounds at enhance

    ive kinda stopped playing this game and most other glu games.. just kills my phone too quickly :(
  • SegalsSegals Registered Users 3 Posts
    I have the same problem. i've stuck for weeks, and i cant seem to train my cards because i keep getting 4 angry citizens and 1 unlicenced gangster. did find a solution? perhaps contacting GLU could help?
  • ShiidShiid Registered Users 20 Posts
    Posted some info on this topic under newbie help.
    Gang Lords ign: deadred
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