Clans and their purpose

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Clans were added to mech battle arena to give players a way to play together on the same team, and to give players a private area to share tips and tricks. Joining a clan is achieved easily by going to the "community" page and searching the available clans. You will be unable to join a clan that has 25 members or that has blocked the addition of new members. I recommend that you don't rush into a clan, as some clans are rivals (could get you unwanted attention). Also look for familiar players, it is best to be on the same team as other players that play around the same time (international game).

Fellow clan members can be invited to join your side in a team death match. This is done in the "community" screen by using the 2nd icon on the left side of the screen, after you have selected your mech you will be sent into the match and an invitation will be sent to your clan member. This must be redone after each match. Non clan members can be invited to join you in a match if you both join a chat room with the same name.


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    Edit: they are called Guilds
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    Such is waiting for you.

    The guilds argue. Guilds and players are competing. Here secrets are formed. Who has the best configuration? How to get to the secrets! You need allies. Who is a true friend? Who is a betrayer?

    Not all members of a guild show up as a member - secret guilds? Also, some players use multiple accounts? Who shoots me in the back? Was it accidentally? Was it intentional? Who is the best? Let it rock.

    You're welcome. Have fun in the arena and after this in chat channels.

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