LilDagnametLilDagnamet Registered Users 62 Posts
I just got a weapons combo question, for the axe guy (lol, haven't used him in so long I forget his name). I have a Venom Axe (-x% defence from foe) and a Frost Axe (+x% Magic Damage). My question is if these two axes will work together?


  • Tyman2222Tyman2222 Registered Users 58 Posts
    They should.
  • SeTaSSeTaS Registered Users 73 Posts
    good question. they should work. simply try that. frost axe it's easy to see. they freezes. poison effect also creates poison cloud beneath their legs.
  • EziekialEziekial Registered Users 166 Posts
    Any news if they stacked? I only have one each for him and the dagger character? Not that it matters because using them both is tribal but just to know is nice.
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