Win Streak Tiers tips

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Ok...first of all these tiers can be accomplished without using any cheats. The highest I have been able to reach is about 80 wins in a row. The win streak tier ends at 50 with 3 more runs afterwards at 200% added on to your final score. Have yet to figure out what bike bonus is to get those points. So the maximum number of points I have got is 700. When you get way up in your streak game will give you gold, energy, boost boxes, and epic boost boxes. Here is how you achieve the 50 win streak. Have a maxxed out Banshee, bike boosts--40% or higher engine acceleration(epic 125% engine boost is no good). Now get a high grip boost but nothing over 20. Don't waste your time with turning and cornering boosts. They will crash you in speed and style and freestyle. Now match your highest trick with a high trick boost. You can put your trick boosts in any slot. There is an Epic 12 add on boost that's ideal. The tricks I use are in this order 1st-Flintstone..2nd-Heart Attack..3rd-Flatliner..Don't waste your time using dead body because that's what you will end up most of the time "dead". The flatliner is easy to snap off but beware of not hitting a good or perfect before and on the ramp. Have hit perfect before entrance and on ramp and still crashed. Was like there wasn't a ramp there. If you see that you aren't going to get enough air you can snap it back quick. This is where a 6, 9, or 12 trick boost comes in handy to compensate. Lot of the times it will max out score when you hit ramp perfectly and barely do the trick so be careful. When you get higher in tiers beware of the smaller bike in Motorcross. That bike will eat your lunch. Its usually rated in the 600 to 630 range. Use your bike boost that's at start of game that requires an extra energy. Its a computer bike but its no match for you in Step Up. Perfect taps are the key as well as bike and trick boosts. The highest score in tricks I have got was 106.5. That's with high trick boosts on each trick. Good luck..Any questions drop a message back..At top of Leaderboard now _Optimus_Prime_..


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