Whats your power level

mtheadmthead Registered Users 266 Posts
Just wondering about players who are on this forum. What is your attack and defense rating?

Also wouldnt mind the the archangel and dragonmage abilities unlocked. So you can spend some coins making them stronger. All these useless coins, might as well spend on their abilities, who knows some players might spend some glu coins on there abilities. If i like the characters strong abilities i would think about purchasing dragonmage.. like i said long time ago.. try before you buy, and see what they are like when they are upgraded, so you know what they can do


  • BlitzBlitz Registered Users 227 Posts
    My power rating is just over 84,000. My defense rating is around 1000. I keep it low on purpose so it costs less souls to attack players. That is why I'm ranked number 1 in multiplayer. I collect more artifacts and complete more collections which earns more gems. I'm tempted to raise my defense rating because you never get to attack anyone with more than double your defense rating and attacking people with a defense rating of 2000 or less is too easy for me. However more people will have completed the amulet collection 3 times if they have a higher defense rating. The bad thing about having a low defense rating is that if one or two gate rushers get by me, my seal will be destroyed very fast since it only takes 1000 damage to destroy my level 2 seal. You probably have a level 4 seal which takes 10,000 damage to destroy. Currently I'm around wave 200.
  • boisonbeautyboisonbeauty Registered Users 7 Posts
    My power rating is 102,826, defense rating is 3752, multiplayer level I am ranked number 9.
    However, realised that rank 1 to rank 7 for mulitlevel player have -1 as number of waves won, are they cheaters?
    I have not purchased any upgrade using money, so slow playing for me to get gems. I have around 6 millions coins which are all useless to me.
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