Bug after multiplayer fix

BlitzBlitz Experienced MemberRegistered Users 227 Posts
This bug happens in single player mode. When you die the game used to show you what items you had collected and ask you if you want to use a revive. I collected 2 chests then died in single player and it didn't show me anything that I had collected. It just asked if I wanted to use a revive.

Apparently this bug doesn't happen every time since I died later and it showed me one chest that I collected. This is probably related to an older bug where the game doesn't credit you for all the chests you collect.


  • nagoyahnagoyah Experienced Member Registered Users 100 Posts
    I've had a similar thing before the multiplayer fix, where I was 100% sure I collected a chest or two even, and at the end of the wave, it didn't give/show me anything, without dying.
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