Dino Hunter FAQ

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Help, something is wrong! How do I contact support?
If you have any questions about the game you are more than welcome to make a thread in our FAQ and Support forum. If you need to contact Glu Customer Support directly you can do so HERE.

What are the Exotic Weapons?
Exotics are a mix of military munitions and unique crystal-powered weapons specifically designed to take down the toughest dinosaurs. Exotic weapons can be used in their own hunting series and in contract hunts.

What are predator attacks?
Some dinosaurs run away when alerted, but others are aggressive and will attack once they detect you. Aim for their lungs, heart, or head to take them down. Hitting their leg will often slow them down long enough to give you time to reload and finish them off.

What are weak spots?
Weak spots, indicated by glowing red markers, will sometimes appear on larger animals. Shoot these targets for maximum damage. New weak spots may appear elsewhere on the animal, so stay alert.

What are Dino Decoys?
Dino Decoys allow the player to restart a hunt and keep the progress of the previous attempt. All previously killed dinosaurs count toward the mission objective. Once deployed, a decoy is used up and cannot be used again, but you can use another decoy if needed. You begin with three decoys, and more can be purchased as you need them.

What are Map Pieces?
The island is too dangerous to travel without a map. To access the next available region, you must first collect all of the pieces of its map. Map pieces are sometimes awarded for successful hunts. Touch a missing piece for information about where that piece can be found.

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