Is starting over an option?

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So, I have been locked in this pattern of connection issues, the game not saving, etc. as most Facebook users seem to be up against. I'm still enjoying playing and learning my way around the different dinos and weapons, and kind of consider it "practice," since nothing counts until the bug is fixed. But I've had a few things like the one time hunter bucks shotgun buy come up I didn't have the cash on hand for, etc. before the crash issue.
So I was wondering, when the bugs get worked out, if I were to just uninstall the game from my FB apps, and re-install, could I start from scratch, or would the game "remember" my progress?
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    they ignore us anyway
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    I deleted the Dino Hunter app from FB this morning. When I loaded the app again (after log out, shutdown, and breakfast) I was at the same level. Seems the connection glitch is fixed now anyway.
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    I think maybe he is saying that since he played over and over without it saving, and didnt bother trying to get the premium guns...

    If he starts it again without knowing its fixed and it saves his progress after he passes up the one time offers, does he get any remorse? lol

    the answer is, you messed up! shoulda checked here before taking that risk!

    but seriously, even though I dont think you can start over on FB I think this would be a situation where the option would be nice, although you coulda taken the route of "practicing" using an alternative FB account.

    Anyways , I dont know if thats really what he was asking, but I am expecting to see a barrage of people making this complaint now!
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