Overly lucky with certain players?

Clark22Clark22 Experienced Member324 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Before I was on Allstar level, Paul Konerko used to mash for me. I was homering about one in ten at bats.

Dominic Brown and Chase Utley have been solid for me too


  • StanfieldStanfield New Member 24 PostsRegistered Users
    I think there are many factors to consider, clearly patience on waiting for a good fastball is preferred. As you move up in rank though the higher ranked players you're going to face. The competition only gets stiffer especially as players began to put more and more points into the different traits making it harder for you to beat them. From my experiences it seems that putting points into the different traits play a bigger part in how well you'll do rather than having a big star player. Play a weak traited player and you'll notice a huge difference in how easy it is to win even if they have really good players. I will say though you might be on to something to an extent, I had J. Upton batting in like the 6-7th slot and would do great for me considering his stats weren't amazing. I think he had 6 bat, 9 power, and 5 speed. He'd do almost as well as my big 5 star players Trout and Puig who bat 3,4.
  • tylerduerrtylerduerr New Member 26 PostsRegistered Users
    I remember starting out that Maicer Izturis was hitting like .400. and I had him for quite some time. I get Brian McCann, who is more than double Izturis in every category, and he hits .150. I don't understand it.
  • zachmichel13zachmichel13 New Member 3 PostsRegistered Users
    Hey does anyone know what Chase Utleys stats are? I am a HUGE fan of him and just want to know. :)
  • Spicy_PantsSpicy_Pants Glu Moderator 44 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    Chase Utley ratings are as follows:
    HIT - 8
    PWR - 5
    SPD - 4
    4 Stars
  • zachmichel13zachmichel13 New Member 3 PostsRegistered Users
    Nice! I think he should have 1 more in power and 2 more in speed. Also how did you get him?
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