missing 230 glu credits earned from 08/24 event

lonestar2lonestar2 Registered Users 6 Posts
My FC2 ID is lonestar. I won 250 glu gold coins from the event ended on 7:00 PM 08/24. Then, I spent 20 gold coins on CRATE. After 1 hour, I closed the game and restarted my Kindle HD 8.9 tablet. However, I found that my 230 glu credits just earn from the event was missing after I started FC2. What should I do to get my glu gold coins back? Thanks.

Do not recommend me to open the tickets and contact customer services because they never reply to my e-mails. I lost about 260 glu gold coins from 2 earlier events. I reported the problems to customer services twice in July. No one care.

Now, even the glu credits awarded at the end of event was missing. What is wrong with FC2? How can I get my missing 490 glu gold coins back?

In the future, I have to open the CRATE to spend the glu credits earned from events immediately. Or, quit playing this game because it is frustrating and time-consuming.

I failed to download desert armor for 2 weeks!!!


  • lonestar2lonestar2 Registered Users 6 Posts
    Just lost another 58 glu coins earned for the event ending on 09/21 when the game or program was down automatically.
  • rockpbirockpbi Registered Users 3 Posts
    lone star its too late now for the solution, but in future you or anyone with android have same problem let me know. I think I can help.
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