Beat the Last Hunt in the Rifle Series in R8

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I know people are gonna ask how to do this since you have to kill 2 Giganotosauruses, so I thought I'd give some tips before they ask.

First of all, this thread is meant for those using the CASH/HUNTER BUCKS Rifle. If you can't finish the hunt with the Demon Pro, I'm sorry, but you're on your own.

I actually got this on the first try, so I'll tell you what I did. It is key to split your shots evenly between the two dinos and DON'T MISS. First, spot the one that is either farthest away or the one that has the red circle on it's head. The reason you want to get the one in the head is because that will stun the dino while you chamber a round (aka c ock the rifle). Then hit the one that doesn't have a circle on it's head before it starts charging at you. The next circle should appear on that one's head. Shoot it in the head to stun it and go back to the first dino. The next two shots you fire at it should land in the circles and that will be enough to take it down. But, before you fire the final shot, the stunned dino will start charging again. Make sure it is far enough away to reload because you will need to after you make the killing shot on the other dino. Once you get one bullet in, press the Fire button to stop the reload process. Don't worry about having enough bullets because one is all it takes as long as you don't miss. Once you finish reloading, the dino will probably be close enough to attack. Just let it. Make sure your crosshairs are centered with the final red circle and fire. Congratulations! You've successfully completed the hunt! Hope this has helped you!
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    That's good advice, I will try to use it when I get to the hunt.

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    Just a bit of advice, the Gentech spark is well used in the contract hunts! Haven't tried the avalanche yet.
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    Yep, the Avalanche is still a monster! Those Chasmosauruses didn't stand a chance! Takes just one two-round burst to take them down! :cool:
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    The Lodestar works really well as well :)
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