Stale mate

Ber843Ber843 New MemberRegistered Users 17 Posts
So, how long does it take for a new tournament to begin or at least new levels? Lol, sorry, I get bored easily.


  • 5hady5hady New Member Registered Users 54 Posts
    The last few tournaments were 3-4 days apart. Normally there's been a window that shows up after the tournament ends that says what your place was in the tournament, what kind of tournament the next one is, and when it starts. I'm not seeing that window this time. So I have no idea when the next one will start.
    About the new levels. All levels up to the final one, XV, have been opened up in my game. So you also should have access to all the levels up to XV.
  • TWARITWARI New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    Yes but maybe still somebody can say when ? // 31337
  • HendricksHendricks New Member Registered Users 1 Posts
    TWARI wrote: »
    Yes but maybe still somebody can say when ? // 31337

    It's been too long for the tournament to start.... And there isn't even any indication.. Hope some1 can enlighten us.
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