Negative Glu Credits

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Hello , I have played Blood & Glory for a long time , but this is the first time I came across this issue.
Whenever I'm connected to a WiFi connection and I play the game , my credits are -46042 , and it always decreases by 2 whenever I restart the game . (-46042 --> -46044 ... etc.).
I tried to delete the gwallet folder , but if I'm connected to my wifi that does nothing.
I tried to delete it while I was not connected to the WiFi , and when I played the game it worked . (sort of , I had 0 credits)
I accidentally turned the WiFi on and tried to play the game , and my credits were once again , negative .
I tried doing the gwallet thing again , and even thought it worked , I lost all the credits I earned while playing offline.
Will you please help me ? I really like this game and I don't want something like this to stop me from playing it. The device I'm using is a Sony Xperia M C1905 , and my Google account is OldSchool Gamer (the profile picture is a dragon).
Please reply as soon as possible.
Thank you.
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