Player counts in each draft level?

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I've seen conflicting #s. Anyone know for sure (or at least pretty close) how many:

First round
Second round
Late round

Also, I've seen some differing opinions on the approach of bulk drafting in order to improve ones team.

I have a few hundred Second and Late round picks saved. Been saving those for three months as drafting was very rarely netting me even a bench player.

Thanks for the input!


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    Here is what I show today
    5-star =76
    4.5-star = 82
    4-star = 116
    3.5-star = 122
    3-star = 124
    2.5-star = 111
    2-star= 145
    1.5-star = 143
    1-star = 218

    I still show 190 players in MLB who I have not found in the app.

    If it is accurate that there are 770 late rounders, I only have 29 more players to identify. That means 162 players in MLB but are not in the app.

    Based on this there are
    Late Rounders = 770 (per Belzer) = $770,000
    Then you draft 240 second rounders = $960,000
    This leaves 158 4.5 and 5-star players which you can get with a First Round pick

    Again, this does not include the 29 players I havent found yet nor the 162 players that are in MLB that I guess either could be added at any time or arent going to be in the game
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    Very helpful thanks!
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