Network errors + choppy gameplay?

Clark22Clark22 Experienced Member324 PostsRegistered Users, Member
Anyone else experiencing one or both of these issues since the update on Thursday?

I can deal with the network errors if I have to but the choppy stuff not so much. It's usually in a favorable count in a key situation haha


  • ~Lawman~~Lawman~ Experienced Member 370 PostsRegistered Users
    I too have experienced "choppy" gameplay. It usually makes the pitch unhittable.
  • gregadamsgregadams Experienced Member 298 PostsRegistered Users
    ~Lawman~ wrote: »
    I too have experienced "choppy" gameplay. It usually makes the pitch unhittable.

    I am having the same issues with my iPhone 5
  • BelzerBelzer New Member 22 PostsRegistered Users
    C'mon Glu. Sitting here with an iPhone 5 and all I get is a Network Error.

    I'm sure I will miss my consecutive day bonus plus lose out on daily rewards and fall behind on the weekly reward.

    Get off the pot and fix this issue.
  • dannybaseballdannybaseball New Member 2 PostsRegistered Users
    Yes, i have the same problem. Impossible to earn gold via videos now.
  • NTGNTG New Member 19 PostsRegistered Users
    I had a runner score at 3rd earlier. Had runner on 2nd 1 out. Grounded out to 2nd base and the runner on 2nd ran to 3rd, disappeared and it gave me a run.
  • Clark22Clark22 Experienced Member 324 PostsRegistered Users, Member
    No network errors for me since yesterday afternoon and the choppy gameplay seems to have moderated as well
  • solarmensolarmen Experienced Member 201 PostsRegistered Users
    I had a network error once yesterday, and a game that I won disappeared.
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