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    Anyone have any hitting tips? I'm at the All-Star level and still even with sound on you can't tell when the pitch hits the ground until it's too late and you've already swung. I just hate when pitches that are such obvious ***** you should be able to do something? My team batting average is .225 argh :mad: Any hitting tips greatly appreciated.

    Make sure to hold onto batters with a higher "hit" rating, improve your offensive upgrades (hitting coach is huge), and try playing only against teams that rank weaker than you, in order to build up your confidence. Try different timings, and eventually you will be able to naturally hit the pitches in the sweet spot.

    Try to only swing at fast [email protected] over the plate if at all possible, these will most likely come when the pitcher has already thrown 3 [email protected], which is generally often when you are starting to play.
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    Maybe if you were not so bad at the game you would hit better
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