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Of all the stats the game has, one glaring miss is batting during Runners In Scoring Position (RISP).

In my legends team with all 5* hitters, while Tulo, Abreu and Trout hit big and hit a lot, Posey is just out of this world when it comes to driving in runs with RISP. I haven't kept track, but so many games, he comes good. Even when I have a runner on first, Bosey hits countless doubles to drive the runner home. Not to mention clutch 2-out, 2-on base hits. Add to this the 5 grand slams he has hit till now.

The only other batter close to his clutch hitting is V-Mart.

What are others views on this?


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    Baseball Fan:

    Posey is indeed one great hitter. I just checked his stats, and he's batting .399 in just north of 4,300 at bats. He does seem to come through with clutch hitting, but not any more than my other hitters. He's the best catcher in this game by leaps and bounds.
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    For me Harrison and Brentley seem to always come through in the clutch too.
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