League Competitions and Rewards on Different Levels

nyynymnyynym Junior MemberRegistered Users, Member 86 Posts
I realized that the league competitions and rewards change according to the players level. For example now that I'm a MVP my league competition options for blue cash is 15,000 for 1) 3 & 1/2 * player, 2) #1 draft pick, 3) a first round draft pick.
$35,000 competition for a 1) 4* player, 2) franchise player coin, and 3) #1 draft player.
$50,000 for a 1) 4 &1/2 * player, 2) 700 gold, and 3) franchise player coin.
Frankly, I think it's weird, because I sometimes rather have the second prize than the first one. If for example, I have a decent or better player on my team that the one offered as a reward I would want to rather get 700 gold or in the cheaper competition the # 1 player draft pick. It makes you want to lose games! There should be a choice of reward for the first place winner.

Before leveling up, I would love to know the league competition costs and rewards for the Hall Of Fame level. Can anyone that's on the HOF level write the costs and rewards? We can also use this thread to describe other levels as well. Thanks guys!
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