UPDATE but still didn't fix the problem

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I was very happy to see an update!! Like I said in my last thread this is a very cool game, so much potential if the staff continued to advance levels. They could throw some MOTO-TERMINATORS from salvation ect.
Terminator has always been my fav. the whole saga, even 3 which I consider a comedy.

Anyway I was really disappointed to see after the UPDATE I'm still having the same problem loading the game. I have storage availible so what's the issue? How could you not fix the problem that several people expressed having? I spent money investing in this game and I can't even play it!! I'm losing confidence in your staff and figure that this game won't last much longer. It really is a shame because you are tarnishing the franchise.

Please fix the problem of the game crashing at loading. Also you have a lot to make up for now so I suggest you do more to for the for the fans you've already disappointed. Take the game (which has so much potential) to another level. More levels, moto-terminators, T-1000s the Huge Harvester Terminator that was collecting people. BUT FOCUS ON FIXING IT FIRST thank you
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