Well done Glu.

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I decided to load the app again & not expecting much but I noticed a 9MB download while it was loading. I would assume that it was an in-app bug fix download because to my surprise, the app ran again without hiccups and I didn't do/haven't done anything to my iTune setup.

Now I realize that I'm a (extremely) harsh critic when it comes to Glu apps with microtransactions but I would like to think that I'm also the first to acknowledge when something has been done right. And in this case, it would appear that the (assumed) in-app bug fix worked perfectly.

All I want to say is: Well done Glu. Now THIS is what updates should be like. Well done indeed. Keep up the good work. Please not let something like the whole crashing thing happen again, keep your customers happy and we'll keep supporting Glu's products. That's a promise.
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