Why all of the hate?

ViagraPowerballzViagraPowerballz New MemberRegistered Users 45 Posts
I am currently making a run for as many 5* pitchers as possible and utilizing the most cost effective way possible; competing in the 4* 200 gold tourney repetitively, working towards the 10k needed to get the 5* pitchers. Because of this, my hitting, runs scored, and win numbers have been inflated. I apparently offended a couple peeps through this strat. I personally don't consider myself a "hacker" as crazyjoe pm'd me, and I hate that you consider me a "f'ing idiot" for breaking your #1 hitting streak joechamp1 by doing this strategy. It sux that ya'll chose blast me over a loss rather than keep going with the competitive matchups we had.

Lastly, I switched from apple to droid and had to create a new team. I'm trying hard to get it up to the level that the Viagra Powerballz was at (and then some). For those that I had games going with, this is the reason for my lack of playing.



  • princeofheckprinceofheck Experienced Member Registered Users 103 Posts
    Absolutely nothing wrong with that strategy. You're not the first and will not be the last to employ it. Life's too short to drudge and struggle any more than you need to to reach your goals, especially in this virtual world.
  • dtrain987dtrain987 Experienced Member Registered Users 198 Posts
    Just chiming in to say that it's a blast to beat joechamp1 every single time.
  • ReplicantsReplicants Experienced Member Registered Users 105 Posts
    Joe chump is more like it.
  • westbury dragonswestbury dragons New Member Registered Users, Member 40 Posts
    He has NEVER beaten me with his first team (joechamp1) or his second team (bmanischamp) either.
  • Mixx MastersMixx Masters Experienced Member Registered Users, Member 189 Posts
    Joe Who? Never Played him sounds like he's a part time sucker....
  • tbattitbatti Experienced Member Registered Users 433 Posts
    No one likes him here either. JoeChamp1 is a baby and can't take losing. He whines more than my 6 year old. I will no longer chat with him he is an arrogant ***. I will just rematch and not chat. He accuses everyone of using cheat software but he's the one accumulating unrealistic numbers everyday. Hmmmm..... wonder who needs to be removed for cheating Joe , LOL.
  • Amused_79Amused_79 Advanced Member Registered Users 840 Posts
    Tbatti, my daughter turned 6 yesterday! And she too whines less. Lol
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