Hitting Problems

Murphy18JMurphy18J New MemberRegistered Users 5 Posts
How is it possible that a pitcher like Christian Bergman (2,8,2) pitch 6 innings and only allow 2 hits when my lineup doesn't have a hitter below 3 hitting. I wait for strikes but no matter what I do the results is almost always a ground out or fly out. My power hitters can't even get out of the infield. What am I doing wrong?

It's not just Bergman, that's just my most recent example. I get into games where I vastly outmatch my opponent but I just can't get on base. Then other games against better pitchers I can put up a dozen runs. Is it just totally random or am I doing something wrong? I have Mike Trout against a garbage pitcher, swings at a perfect fastball and the ball barely makes it to the second baseman. ***?


  • princeofheckprinceofheck Experienced Member Registered Users 103 Posts
    I think the game has handicap logic built in. The first few innings, pitches are unhittable or batted ball can't find a hole. Latter, your hitters nail the pitcher hard.
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