Last round draft...

ch23ch23 New MemberRegistered Users 19 Posts
I leveled up to HoF and it gave me many last round draft after finished series games.
It's useless to me.
Why did they design it so stupid!!!!


  • bentlegturkbentlegturk New Member Users Awaiting Email Confirmation 4 Posts
    Try being a G.O.A.T and winning games and receiving a 2nd rounder. I have over 200 now that are useless. I also have well north of 50 franchise coins that are worthless as well. They REALLY need to have a trade system. Say trade in 5 2nd round pics for a first rounder. Then 5 or 10 first round picks for a #1 Draft pick. I'd also like to see that you could trade in a 2nd rounder for the cash equivalent. Or even half of that. And it would be nice to trade in Franchise Player coins for the gold equivalent! I'm sure that would never happen.
  • smithcas87smithcas87 Junior Member Registered Users, Member 66 Posts
    This would be a great addition to the game, it is so infuriating receiving worthless prizes once you have made it to the top levels, you should receive gold more often (but, they won't do this because it would prevent people from buying gold). I think the game is setup in a way so that you are forced to buy gold, a lot of the things that bug us they won't remove for this reason.
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