guess i'm done with TSB15...

log in to TSB and team was deleted. i literally was just about to connect with Google+ too. sigh... i had just connected TSB 14 to Google+ minutes before this happened. i don't know if that had anything to do with it. don't see why it would but that's the only thing i did differently.

i sent a ticket in for some reason. i'm not really gonna care in 6 months when Glu finally responds. anyone know how to fix this? i'm using an android.


  • Tony167Tony167 Registered Users 392 Posts
    Have you spent any money on the game? I've been told if you have reciepts you could possibly get reimbursed what you lost.
  • BommbsOverBaghdadBommbsOverBaghdad Registered Users 163 Posts
    no money. just a hell of a lot of time. up until now i really never had any major issues with the game personally. very disappointing and frustrating. i have no interest in starting from scratch.
  • kpthomas85kpthomas85 Registered Users 11 Posts
    Wow that sucks. I just played you the other day too. I really like this game, but its really discouraging seeing so many problems with it and the apparent lack of customer service. The two times I have submitted a ticket, once the rep completely ignored my issue despite me explaining very clearly and the other got no response.

    Sorry dude, good luck getting it back hope it works out.
  • BommbsOverBaghdadBommbsOverBaghdad Registered Users 163 Posts
    i had actually been playing TSB14 more often than i had been and kinda slowly backing away from TSB15. i've actually found that i prefer 14 much more. getting gold is so hard in 15 plus i just don't like prime players being in the game. it seems like if you're not going to be spending money then 14 is definitely the better choice. i still would've played 15, but now i don't even have the option.
    kpthomas85 wrote: »
    The two times I have submitted a ticket, once the rep completely ignored my issue despite me explaining very clearly and the other got no response.

    in just 3 months of being on this forum i lost track of how many times i've heard things like this.
    kpthomas85 wrote: »
    I just played you the other day too.

    why didn't you say hey? lol. didn't recognize you're team name i guess. is it different than your forum name?

    *gets on soap box*

    i'm really not even mad or upset about this, just really annoyed and, despite hearing story after story about other's getting their team deleted, not getting rewards, eternal blue circle of death, etc., i'm still a bit surprised that this happened to me. it literally came out of nowhere. it's not like this game was my whole life but still it's a fun game.

    i'm not the type to judge people on how they spend their money. i've never felt in-app purchases on any game were worth it so far (though i'm very frugal). it's your money and you can spend it on whatever you see fit. but it's just crazy to me that people are still spending money on THIS particular game, and THIS particular developer. i'd be amazed if the TSB games were the only 2 Glu games with these problems. it's just so hard to believe that a company like this is still in business.

    i did some digging on this site yesterday trying to find any way to get my team back myself and stumbled on a post from August 2014 (based on what some of the posters were saying, TSB15 was no more than a week or 2 old i think). they were pretty much complaining about similar problems i still see here every day (the circle of death and just general crashes were the main complaint for that particular thread). HOW? almost a year later, how have these problems not been fixed?

    if you give your money to Glu, you WILL be disappointed at some point. maybe if everyone stops mindlessly handing them money they'll actually change for the better (whether that means them actually fixing problems or going bankrupt are both fine with me).
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