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The Kraken is a w a s t e of war bucks, it's not bad it just needs more splash damage you may as well get the cataclysm just because of the fact that it's cheaper and better. If you updated it so the tiny rockets fired out of the kraken have more splash damage; the reason is because crowd-control is key which is what the kraken doesn't do, if you updated it so the splash was much higher you would get benefits as rumors will go around that the kraken has been updated and more people will buy transfer 100k into 120 war bucks and if you were lucky they would buy warbucks from the shop and you would get about £200. The only reason i'm telling you this is because it will increase your profits and it will increase people's interest.

Oh yea and by the way if you release an update you should put the kraken on for 350 warbucks or something around that for about 2 weeks just so it really lures people

You dont have to take the last paragraph into decision but it would be nice for players to get a discount (we haven't had a discount since 2012 or so) it would just be nice to make the game feel active again,

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