Legend Mystery Box

gregadamsgregadams Experienced MemberRegistered Users 298 Posts
I got Bagwell after only two tries in the Bsgwell Legend Mystery Box. Does anyone know if there are more legends available at this time or do they have it so you can only get one player at a time and you have to wait until they offer another player.


  • K-DK-D Experienced Member Registered Users 378 Posts
    Once you get bagwell there will be another legend after him. Just tap on the "i" right next to the mystery box it will show you who is next and also they come in order and there is a list I made when they first came out of the order they come in. Probably will have to go back a few pages on the forum and you will see it. But to answer your question no they will let you attempt to get them all and another will follow after each one you pick up
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