Bug in the baseball app - Games Disappear

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Here we go....been playing 2015 baseball everyday since July. I have a max team with most prime players. About 2 months ago the app began to show problems such as games disappearing off my game page. I followed all the recommendations listed in the "Customer Care - Help" and contacted Glu through the app. Glu did give me suggestions to fix but none worked. Also conversing with other players, this happens to them as well.

1. When I go to the app, the app takes me to a page that is different from my normal page that contains either one game or none, containing a game box showing "Match Me".

2. When I reload the app and it then takes me to my normal game page.

3. Example, if I start 10 random games and play each, leave the app, come back to it, about 5 of the 10 games disappear. Glu believes those opponents resigned. I SAY NO...because I see a push notification when I'm off the app for me to play. One day I maxed out all possible games. Only 10 games were left after a 24 hour period. I continued to get push notifications from many of those players to play.

4. Some games stay while others do not.

5. I know it's not my Iphone 6 - I have plenty of space

6. Games reappear only when I am on the app. If not on the app, games will drop off my game page.

7. Sometimes games that timed out show up as wins and losses by me. I do not time out on my games!!

8. I play tap football and no problems with the app.

Is this happening to anyone else is my question??
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