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rmaff_10rmaff_10 New Member7 PostsRegistered Users
Getting tired of unactive players in my club. If anyone has a club that does well or if anyone is interested in organizing a club with active players, please let me know through private message. Feel free to challenge: rmaff10.


  • -JRod-JRod New Member 22 PostsRegistered Users
    I'm in the same boat, tired of clubs with only 5 people playing. I just created a post inviting ACTIVE PLAYERS ONLY called 94 Expos. I'm currently the only player but hoping to fill up as fast as possible. 3 star min requirement and I stated all players MUST participate in weekend and sprint events. There will be zero tolerance for inactivity during those events and if anyone is inactive for more than 2 days, I will boot them. If you're interested, I've left it open to the public for the time being. Hope you'll join!
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