Ryan421Ryan421 Registered Users 55 Posts
Today I faced what appears to be Legend Ubaldo Jimenez, with 8 3 10 stats. The guy I played is at the superstar level, as am I. Can anyone let me know how you accumulate legends? I've seen teams with some on them, but I've never come across any ways to get legends on my own team.


  • rasinrasin Registered Users 77 Posts
    He is in fan reward.
    I think he is prime. not legend.
  • Redbirds287Redbirds287 Registered Users 15 Posts
    Jimenez and legend are definitely not two words to be used in the same sentence. Lol legend pitchers will be more around the 12/10/10 stat line.
  • CaliAngelsCaliAngels Registered Users 72 Posts
    Jimenez is a prime player and can be won from club events or bought through fan rewards.
  • Ryan421Ryan421 Registered Users 55 Posts
    You guys are right, I'm an idiot lol. I guess the 3 control is the reason why I've rarely seen him on anyone's team. Does anyone use him and if you do, what are his stats like for you?
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