Future update/New Game based on Gang Lords?

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Hello fellow Glu Games players, name's Shourbi. Here I would like to discuss and argue whether we will see an update(might be impossible) or a new RPG game based on or similar to Gang Lords.
Personally, Gang Lords is the first game from Glu which I redownloaded 4 times, because of how spectacular it is. The new games done by Glu are impressive, but I've enjoyed them for only 2 weeks and one month later I removed them because they started to get pretty boring.
The first time I played Gang Lords, I've enjoyed it for more than 3 months, I'm not joking. Afterwards I removed it to play new games, but after a couple months, I downloaded it again, thus starting everything from scratch, but even so, I never got bored.
Many people who tried to play this game have experienced technical problems: due to the internet connection, the game servers and more . It is all due to the game's last update which was done on November 2013.
I personally hope they make the game adaptable to the new iOS 9.3 system, but also make some improvements such as:-New soundtracks(like in the first version);
-New character events;
-New characters as well(1,2,3,4,5 and 6 crowns);
-New environments;
-PvP arenas;
...and so forth.

If you have any ideas for new character names, environments, soundtracks and more, please share your opinions in this forum that I created

Thank you.


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    Hi I think u need to update it as it says that I have no internet connection when my internet is the fastest BT broadband there is so can u fix this bug as I can get past level 4 :_(
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