#1 Club looking for 3 guys

tbattitbatti Experienced MemberRegistered Users 433 Posts
We are looking for 3 guys that can put up serious points. Due to Glu screw ups have lost some players to semi retirement . We've only missed first once and most weeks get tier 6 in 2 clubs. You Have to like to chat, have fun, no drama and like to win.

Game chat tbatti



  • DimePieceSlayersDimePieceSlayers New Member Registered Users 27 Posts
    See my post above tbatti - can go 50k today and 250k+ this weekend - based on some of your posts, I'm not sure I'm up to snuff, but will start in game chat. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks man.
  • DolphinfanDolphinfan New Member Registered Users 47 Posts
    Our club would take you. Start a chat with me. Joesbombers9999
  • johnson3548johnson3548 New Member Registered Users 12 Posts
    Sounds like our club. We win every weekend and had several guys who spent alot of money and scored over a million pts each but since this whole month has been full of **** ups by glu we have about 6 people left
  • SlappinsinglesSlappinsingles New Member Registered Users 5 Posts
    In game chat sent
  • nexxus6nexxus6 Banned Banned Users 108 Posts
    Where is nexxus6 when you need help?
  • nexxus6nexxus6 Banned Banned Users 108 Posts
    Not vacationing in Mexico tbatti. I will be the **** you ask for
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