Glu fix Club invites

tbattitbatti Experienced MemberRegistered Users 433 Posts
Glu you need to have assistants be able to invite only or if a club kicks you it also cancels invites. These losers sneak into a club when the event closes and steal rewards with no work. Some of us don't want private clubs so guys we want in can join when they can that belong to the club.

I'm not to concerned that someone collected on us rather that they did nothing and get rewards.


  • wiskiwiski New Member Registered Users 42 Posts
    Lots of people use this trick to get in a private club in the last few minutes.
    They can always collect reward before we kick them. If we can have an option to ban this user like we ban random game people, it will be nice.
  • Crafty042Crafty042 Experienced Member Registered Users 255 Posts
    Sweet. I just started playing this game and only up to 3.5 stars. Thanks for the tip! Hopefully will put it to good use. >:):p
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