Dream Chronicles 2 & 3

myirisheyesmyirisheyes New MemberRegistered Users 1 Posts
I had bought Dream Chronicles 2 & 3 from playfirst before glu took over. now I cannot open 2 & need unlock code for both. please contact me for info you need.


  • Mrox2Mrox2 New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same with Diner Dash Classic, did Glu just ask PlayFirst to remove all their games? why? bring them back under the Glu name at least.
  • SweetchickSweetchick Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    I have the same problem with Dream Chronicles Trilogy, I first purchased them from PlayFirst, now i can no longer play them. I have since purchased the cd's of these games from America, but they will not load onto my computer. I have purchased many games from America and they all play fine, except these. Is there a solution out there to our problem. TIA

  • SweetchickSweetchick Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    can anyone help me with this problem?
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