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  • hogwash76hogwash76 Member 1 Posts
    If there was a ask u if your sure notice before u spend gold   I've spent slot of gold by accident by just a slip of the finger
  • McRoochMcRooch Registered Users, Member 6 Posts
    Getting gold in the 17 version is way too hard. in 16 we were rewarded for being active both individually and on the club level. Those rewards have been reduced so drastically that it is almost impossible to put up points and increase gold simultaneously
  • TOUGHNUTZTOUGHNUTZ Registered Users, Member 107 Posts
    edited March 2018
    YOU ALL NEED TO BE POSITIVE , but yes this game could use some major tweaks ,
    1 ) remove the chance of winning cash when we buy with gold ( keep the cash for won boxes )
    2) reduction in gold costs of winning streaks as we would love to keep them going into the hundreds or when a team member buys one , everyone gets one so the team gets better
    3 ) the ability to buy actual decent players not the garbage no one wants
    4) Any unnwanted player by any team can be auctioned off and won with actual draft picks tht can be won in boxes
    5 ) dont start off ppicking a team that only has 4 of that team in it , either pick a full team of current team mates or have a budget so we have to buy each player to fill positions ,
    6 ) introduce a gym where players workout to increase stats or recover from games ( this can be like the stadium - and upgraded to heal faster ) 4 games for a starting ACE to b sidelined is a joke
    7) transfer accounts from old to new game , some of us spend alot of money and at the moment those players would be bettter off staying in 17 than starting from scratch ....... OR at the end of the season award points for team and players that have been maxed out, and therefor getting better starting teams in the new game since they coughed up the dough in the first placce
  • reststoploureststoplou Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    So why do u have this site for suggestions and feedback if u don't act on anything being said. I see a lot of great suggestions here and see no action on the part of glu. This will be my last season taking part in a game where the developers care nothing about the players who spend a small fortune trying to develope their team and only getting 2 or 3 star players. Hoping a majority of players leave because that seems to be the only way flu will get the message. Money talks bullshit walks.
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