So baseball season is over

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Whew.  Now that I finally have a minute to actually enjoy the forum, I just wanted to ask.  What else is everybody into?  Yeah, I'm assuming you like baseball considering you all have played TSB.

But what else?  I'm a big football fan.  Can't align myself with a team in the NFL, but I'm totally into Fantasy.  Also a gamer, obviously from those "What games are you playing this weekend" posts that nobody responds to. :-p


  • SpicoliswaySpicolisway New Member 36 PostsRegistered Users
    Lol years later, I'm also enjoy football gradually more and more as a whole rooting for my fantasy teams with way more love than I have for any NFL team anymore. I live in Seattle so obviously I was a Steelers fan. though if it comes down to making my ff playoffs or making it into the money and I'm playing against big Ben, bell or whoever I'm yelling at the screen for the Steelers to die. literally kill the qb I need this win lol. also even at 38 with a career and wife be and my buddies still have cash Madden tournaments. now I just gotta find a way to time travel back to when this question was relevant lol
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    HUGE into fantasy Basketball and Baseball. pretty much an all around sports nut. Was also a big gamer until marriage and 3 kids.... TSB is the only way I get any gaming in these days. It's been my savior lol
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