Cash earned and gold

ScotchaleScotchale Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
As in the last version of this game you will eventually reach the point where your cash can only be used on second and late round draft picks. Totally useless once you have a decent team developed. Good like acquiring a player from that to replace a starter or even be good enough to place on the inactive list. Why can you buy gold with the cash you earn? 
And, when it comes to gold, how frustrating is it to finally earn enough free gold, or spend your money on the game to buy gold, only to acquire a #1 draft pick that is totally useless to your team!!! That is why I no longer spen my money on this game. 


  • DannychampagneDannychampagne Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Same thing here, spending gold bars on a #1 draft and 99% of the players i got were useless or rated under 70. I was buying gold bars and i realized it was BS
  • AmelioAmelio Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    I agree... #1 draft picks are a waste of real money to buy the gold for those picks.. Many many times that I've opened the #1 draft picks.. the players I've gotten were unbelievably weak.. a #1 draft pick is supposed to be the BEST  Player in a draft.. but the players I've gotten.. are no where close to being #1 pick so I trade them away for the XP.. to boosts my starters ..funny thing is.. the 1st round picks actually give you better players than the #1 picks.. and to purchase draft picks for $4000 of your cash.. even some of those players are 4 stars.. so I'd suggest to stop purchasing #1 draft picks.. the 300 gold is not worth it.. and the 1500 gold for 5 #1 picks.. if you want those picks? Then get on a good club that finishes in the top 5 and complete the Club Tiers every event.. but I stopped buy them with Gold.. what you get in return is a complete waste of time.. and don't get me started on the boxes for players of the week and month! They are a complete ripoff!  You spend 1100,1300, 1500 gold for those 5 star players with temporary blown up stats for the players of the weak.. and in order to get the TOP PLAYER IN PRIME BOXES.. it's insane! I know three people who spent 50-70k gold just to get CC Sabathia.. I spent a little over 5000 gold to try for CC Sabathia. Out of the prime boxes.. I didn't get one player strong enough to keep
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