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In 16 these were pointless because the player you got wasn't even worth what it cost to play the tournament. So I was happy to see a 4 star guy that I could use in a tournament, in the 17 version. I won the first 2 rounds.. Went in to play the semi-final game, and I see that the 4 star player has been changed to a 3 star guy that I have no use for. No point in contiuing, and I just lose the cash it cost to play it. Any idea what happened, or why? And please.. No more, it's glu trying to screw you out of your money rants. I feel you, yes they make it hard to build an all-star team without spending actual money, But not impossible. I think that's the point tho. Sometimes it's just a glitch, oversite, or bad idea.. Like the duplicate player thing..
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