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i think the buy in for a tournament should at least be won back if its a cash payout that is won. ie if the buy in 8000 you should get 8000 not less than the buy in


  • Ace1234NYAce1234NY Registered Users, Member 103 Posts
    Yeah, especially since the lowest cash prize is apparently the only prize you get.
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    Ace1234NY said:
    Yeah, especially since the lowest cash prize is apparently the only prize you get.
    No especially when you must use gold as your re-buy on the fourth game. If we are spending our gold to continue, at least allow us win back the buy-in at the minimum. 

    Winning a four game tournament, more than likely, means having to re-buy with in game dollars, several times to finish the tourney. The least GLU should offer as the reward is the buy-in. 

    Do you not see the overwhelming outrage throughout the forum?  If we spend $8000, $1600, $2000, $3600, 10 gold and come out with a measly $1600 reward, that's not very rewarding!!

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  • LONGD1CKSLICKLONGD1CKSLICK Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    Help me understand this, GLU. You want users to pay $8000 to enter the tournaments, make them pay increasing amounts to replay lost games as rounds progress, eventually pay 10 gold in the finals, all just to consistently reward users $2000 or maybe an occasional energy drink? That makes NO sense at all. How about not being so cheap and giving users something to play for by at least returning them what they pay to play in tournaments or increasing the frequency of higher payouts and rewards for winning. Otherwise, you're just robbing users and wasting their time with false hope of getting something that actually makes playing in tournaments worth while. Stop gyping users!
  • MasterMeerkatMasterMeerkat Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    The fact that you need to buy in this much is ridiculous.  The intro tourney should have the worst teams, and as you get higher tourneys, they should get harder.  The problem is that they get harder no matter what tourney, the matching for tourneys shouldn't be based off of your team but should be set.  Intro should be like 1 star teams, move them up as you move up tourneys.  Glu can figure out the difficulties, but games in tourneys pretty much always have you with the worse team according to team strength
  • jeffallen963jeffallen963 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
    Just won the only tourney I'll play toda, why? Because I used 1600 in game cash, watched 2 videos, which by the way I will never buy degornos pizza again caused I've seen so many of their freaking videos, spent gold on batting boost and got my silver box. Hoping I'd at least make my cash back and what do I receive? 2 freaking ice packs. I got more ice packs then I'll ever use don't need anymore. I spend hard cash on in game cash just to get draft picks to trade and xp points. Not doing it anymore this game sucks fix it or I'm leaving 
  • 23mightymouse23mightymouse New Member Registered Users, Member 40 Posts
    How many icepacks do you have? I go through at least 800 every weekend. Hard to picture having too many.
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