Allow players to trade players

I think if you allowed members to trade players you would add to a game that is already very good when it gets s working.need to upgrade the IT department too much down time


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    Rhermann1Rhermann1 Member 1 Posts
    I totally agree with this.  Please make this happen. 
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    BlackPearlBlackPearl Member 5 Posts
    I also agree. Sometimes you have inactive players but you can't use but they're five star players. But another person might have a player that's inactive that they not using but you want them. So they should be able to trade each other
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    GoBlue1966GoBlue1966 Member 2 Posts
    Where are the rules of game play on this site, I am new to this game, but questions like, what does lock or unlock do? I have many questions sure would be nice to cipher out how play is supposed to be. Thanks
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